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  The Care and Transport of the Mishkan  

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Posted by: Rabbi Elazar Meisels 5/29/2007 1:10 PM

“Raise up the head of the children of Kehoss from among the children of Levi...” 4:2

  • The tribe of Levi was split into the three distinct families; Gershon, Kehoss, and Merari. Each was assigned a different position related to the care and transport of the Mishkan.
    1. Gershon – Transported the curtains and cloth coverings of the Mishkan. Erect the Mishkan, bake the showbreads, slaughter, and guard the Mishkan.
    2. Kehoss – Carried the sacred vessels of the Tabernacle such as the Ark and the Altar.
    3. Merari – Transported the wall beams, center poles, and their supports.

Although Gershon was the oldest of the three sons of Levi, his family was not honored with the most esteemed position of carrying the Ark and sacred vessels. That was reserved for the second son, Kehoss, from whom emerged Moshe and Aharon who taught the Torah to the Jewish people. Since they shouldered this awesome responsibility it was only fitting that they be privileged to bear the Holy Ark which represented the Torah itself.

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