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  It’s Not “How Much,” But “How Well”  

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Posted by: Rabbi Elazar Meisels 3/12/2007 12:41 PM

Take from among yourselves a portion for Hashem. Every man whose heart motivates him to generosity shall bring it: a gift for Hashem: gold, silver and copper” 35:5

    • Whose heart motivates him to generosity - Since it is his heart that inspires him [to give] he is called "generous of heart." - Rashi
  • The use of the feminine term, “yeviahah ” - [shall bring it,] rather than the more common masculine form “yavi, ” is to highlight the fact that many of these items were brought from women’s gold and silver ornaments. Moshe stressed that the husbands were not permitted to coerce their wives into contributing these items. Only items that the women enthusiastically donated were to be brought for use in constructing the Mishkan. – Baal HaTurim
  • In order to experience the spiritual growth that results from charity, one must give it with the proper intentions. A thoughtless or improperly motivated contribution will not yield the myriad benefits in giving charity.

One of the hallmarks of the Jewish people is their charitable nature. This is a direct result of the emphasis placed on this mitzvah during the early stages of their development as a nation in the desert. The lessons imparted to them by Moshe Rabbeinu about how to practice charity in its most ideal form served as a model for future generations. One of the dominant themes stressed throughout was the importance of proper intent. More than anything else, intent would determine the acceptability of the gifts.

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